Guerrieri Nicoletta

Permanent researcher


  • Viale Tonolli 50
    28922 Verbania (VB)


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Other information

Field of interest: Food and Environmental Biochemistry

  • Degree Food Technology from the University of Milan, researcher at the Department Agrifood Molecular Science of the University of Milan (Faculty of Agrary).
  • From 2011 researcher at CNR ISE Verbania.
  • Participation in several National and International Researcher Programs.
  • Scientific coordinator of two research projects of the Italian Celiac Association.
  • Member of the Italian Biochemistry Society and Molecular Biology.
  • Member of the Association Professional Food Technologists from 2003.
  • Board of Directors of the Association Professional Food Technologists Piemonte and Valle D’Aosta from 2008 today.
  • Member of the scientific committee of the Center for the Celiac Disease of the University of Milan from 2000 to 2006.
  • Referee for the Journal Cereal Science and the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

 Main research topics:

Storage proteins of legume seeds (lupin) and cereals (wheat) characterization, relationships between structure and function, use of probe as indicator of technological quality, protein-polysaccharides interaction, lipid-bran interaction, thermal modification of protein induced by heat treatment in model system and manufacturers, modification of the gliadin toxicity for celiac. Use of enzyme as probe of oxidative stress (GSH and Rhodanese-like enzymes) on bacteria grown on phenanthrene. Rhodanese-like involvement in the ROS removal in the glutathione regeneration pathway in Azotobacter vinelandii. Protein expression in Azotobacter vinelandii biofilm in different oxidative stress. Relationships between proteolytic enzymes and vanadium in ascidiacea (Phallusia mamillata, Ciona intestinalis, Halocynthia papillosa, Microcosmus sulcatus). Interaction study between mycrocistin of Mycrocistis aeruginosa and enzymes. Photosynthetic pigments and carotenoids in benthic algae and metal oxidative stress in polluted streams (As).

Technological skills and competences:

Inhibition and kinetics study on enzymes (proteases, sulfurtransferases, acetoidroxy isomero reductase, idrolase, oxidoreduttase, lipase, lipoxygenase), proteomic identification and oxidative stress study on selected strain, purification, characterization of proteins and polysaccharides of microbiological and environmental interest and food use.

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