Lami Andrea

Permanent researcher



  • Viale Tonolli 50
    28922 Verbania (VB)


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Other information

His field of study is that of paleolimnology and in particular the study of fossil remains biochemical such as chlorophylls and carotenoids in lake sediments with the use of techniques of chromatography (TLC and HPLC) in order to reconstruct the evolution of long scale of populations algae. It has also dealt with the development of methodologies for the measurement of some chemical parameters in the sediment such as carbon, nitrogen and sulphur, through the elemental analyser CNS, phosphorus and biogenic silica. Participation in several sampling campaigns organized by him or in collaboration with other institutions, has allowed him to gain experience with the use of various types of corer including some able to collect long sediment cores up to 14 meters in deep water, and the use of corer in extreme conditions such as in high-altitude lakes. It 'was the scientific coordinator of national and international projects. During these years he has been invited to give several lectures at the university level on topics related to paleolimnology and has also edited, as co-rapporteur, and the thesis that dissertation research.

Keywords: Algae and phototrophic communities, Paleoecology, Paleolimnology, Pigments, Climatic change